MyOwnFaucet – Manage your own Faucets easily!

Your new CMS to manage your own faucets

MyOwnFaucet is a new CMS (Content Management System) developed as a SaaS to help you to manage your faucets in only some clicks. Once you’ve selected your coin (between 8 possible coins) you will be able to setup everything from ads to security checks to make money at the same time of your users. The more your users will use your faucet, the more money you will earn! So, let’s go and become the new faucet master !


MyOwnFaucet is currently the simpliest way to manage a cryptocurrency faucet without any knowledge in web development. The only thing you need is a FaucetHub account that will serve as a pool for all earnings of your users. On your side you will earn gains from advertisements, captchas and paid links on the site everytime a user visit your faucet.
We take care of everything. You choose your domain name and we install your faucets on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) only for you, shared with no other user. We guarantee the safety of your faucets. Just manage your winnings from your admin interface and that’s all!
Bitcoin et cryptomonnaies


First, you must have a FaucetHub account. Your faucets will use this platform to perform all transactions with your users. By using FaucetHub you also assure your users that your faucet is not a scam. You will need to make sure you always have sufficient funds on this account to pay your users.

Then you can create accounts on AdBit or CoinMedia (or others) to manage your ads. You’ll get snippets you’ll have to enter in your admin panel.

For your paid links, we support, and, you can create an account on each of these services. Each time a user visits one of these links, he will be rewarded and you will receive a remuneration from the service.

To ensure that your users are well human (anti-bot protection) we use captachas. These captchas will be managed by SolveMedia and you will earn money each time a user validates a captcha.

Finally, you can create an account on, we will use it to verify that the IP addresses of your users are well valid. You can also link your account to a Gmail address that will be used to send you notifications (for example when your FaucetHub balance is too low).


To take advantage of our services you must subscribe at one of our 3 available plans:
  • renting a server with a single faucet (basic offer),
  • renting a server hosting 3 faucets
  • renting a server hosting up to 6 faucets
Services included in each plan:
  • Your server will be perfectly secured and will only be for you, you will not share it with any other client
  • A domain name of your choice (only .ovh or .xyz) is also included in each plan!
  • You will be able to cancel your subscription at any time, without obligation, only the month started will be due
  • Please note a small fee (from 3% to 5% with a minimum of 3 satoshis) will also be applied on each claim

Plan 1: One single Faucet only for you
You choose your coin between: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, DashCoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash
5% fee
$ 39 / month

Plan 2: Up to 3 Faucets simultaneously
You choose 3 coins between: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, DashCoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash
Only 4% fee
$ 79 / month

Plan 3: Up to 6 Faucets simultaneously
You choose 6 coins between: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Monero, DashCoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash
Only 3% fee
$ 129 / month

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Bitcoin et cryptomonnaies
Bitcoin et cryptomonnaies


  • A back-office administration panel that allows you to completely set up your faucet, your users, your advertisements, claims, … with a user-friendly dashboard
  • A free domain name (only .ovh or .xyz) is included with each plan. Please verify here if your choice is avalaible
  • Your users will only need a FaucetHub account. Their claims will be send immediatly on this account. No scam possible
  • A VPS server will be installed, configured and secured exclusively for you. This server will not be shared with any other client
  • Verifying everytime if the user is a human (captcha)
  • Verifying everytime if the user is not behind a VPN
  • An performing SEO for best results on search engines
  • An interface customizable with many themes
  • Totally responsive! Works on all devices
  • A script that forces the user to disable their ad blocker
  • A very small fee percentage with a minimum amount of 3 satoshis per transaction
  • You will enjoy free of charge all new updates and new features as long as you remain subscribed


Why waiting more? Choose a plan and try our faucets solution!

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